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About Us

"Education is a value and belief."

Ivy Century Group is based in Philadelphia, an east coast city famous for its vibrant history and culture. Our location bridges the political hub of Washington D.C. and the economic center of New York, relying on the richest and most concentrated regional educational resources and advantages in the United States. We bring together a wealth of individuals who have achieved high-levels of education with strong sector experience and professional backgrounds. Additionally, we have established partnerships with many U.S. private high schools and

American universities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We are committed to providing study abroad and exchange programs for international students while serving as a bridge between Chinese and American universities to actively promote international development and cooperation in education and culture. We partner with organizations in numerous Chinese cities to accomplish the common goal of elevating Chinese youth to the world stage. We help students realize their dreams and guide their transformation into "sincerity-oriented" global citizens—creating a brighter future together.

  • Geographical location

  • One-stop application plan

  • Experienced consulting team

  • Established institutional relationships

  • In-house academy

  • Customized programs

  • Extensive partnership network

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