College Advising

We offer guidance throughout all four years of high school, which includes a High School Growth Plan for grades 9-11 and a College Application Plan for grade 12.

Students in grade 9-11, under one-on-one guidance with an Ivy Century Group advisor, will actively participate in various academic and extracurricular activities on and off campus, and improve their skills and abilities in multiple areas.

  • Based on the student's individual characteristics, strengths, and situation, our advisors will make recommendations for academic improvement and increased extracurricular participation.

  • Once the student starts the college application process, our advisors will conduct a comprehensive pre-application evaluation, and provide an evaluation report

  • The advisor team will be responsible for guiding the student through all parts of the application process.

  • The ivy league school essay team will be responsible for writing guidance and reviewing material.

  • The advisors will provide interview counseling.

  • Our team will closely monitor the progress of the admission process. If the student is waitlisted, the advisors will help students prepare supplementary material.