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College Advising

We offer guidance and advising services throughout all four years of high school, which includes a High School Growth Plan for grades 9-11 and a College Application Plan for grade 12.

Students in grades 9-11, under one-on-one guidance with an Ivy Century Group advisor and mentor, will actively participate in various academic and extracurricular activities on and off campus while improving their skills and abilities in multiple areas. The program includes:

  • Recommendations for academic improvement and increased extracurricular participation, based on students' individual characteristics, strengths, and situation

  • Once the student starts the college application process, our advisors will conduct a comprehensive pre-application evaluation, and provide an evaluation report

  • The advising team will be responsible for guiding the student through all parts of the application process, including application completion, interviews, portfolio review, etc.

  • The Ivy Essay team will be responsible for essay guidance, brainstorming and editing

  • The Ivy Century Group advisors will provide interview counseling and feedback

  • Our team will closely monitor the progress of the admission process. If the student is waitlisted, the advisors will help students prepare supplementary materials.

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