Ivy Century Group offers education consulting services to Chinese students applying to study in the United States. We begin with a comprehensive discussion with the parent and the student, a review of applicable academic and test records, and completion of the student profile. With this, we will better understand the student’s values, priorities, preferences, and needs in order to generate the best advice for each individual.

High School Advising

With our High School Admission Plan, students in the 7th-11th grades will receive a personal advisor to guide them through the entire application process for private US high schools.


Undergraduate Advising

With our College Admission Plan, students in the 9th-12th grades will receive a personal advisor to guide them through the entire college application process.



Graduate School Advising

With the Graduate School Admission Plan, students have a personal advisor taking them through the entire application process of their selected graduate program.



Transfer students

We help undergraduate and graduate students transfer to their target university; whether their reason for transfer is changing their major or program of interest, wanting a more prestigious degree, or others.