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Graduate School Advising

Our graduate admission personal advisors guide students through the entire application process. They work closely with students to gain acceptance to Business School, Medical School, Law School, PhD, Dental School and other graduate programs. Services include:

Student Evaluation 

  •  Discuss student’s career goals and interests

  •  Evaluate their current trajectory and how it aligns with long-term targets


Graduate School Selection

  •  Evaluate and compile a list of graduate schools to which the student will apply


Essay Advising

  •  Brainstorm content based on school specific essay requirements

  •  Review essay drafts


Application Review

  •  Help the student highlight their strengths

  •  Review applications and ensure deadlines are met


Letters of Recommendation

  •  Decide who to ask for recommendations

  •  Learn how to approach recommenders for best results


Interview Preparation

  • Practice interview questions and formulate best responses

  • Review interview etiquette



  •  Develop a standardized testing schedule

  •  Explore test preparation strategies/classes


Exploration of Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Discuss financial goals and how to achieve them

  • Provide comprehensive scholarship listings


Wait List / Deferral

  •  Formulate acceptance strategies for wait list/deferral

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