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Secondary School Summer Camps

Ivy Century Group's secondary school summer camps work with top US private and boarding schools to bring Chinese students an educational and unforgettable summer abroad!

Students will take core subject classes in English with American teachers to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a fully immersive environment. Outside of class, students will develop the their independent living and communication skills through day trips to cities and colleges. At the end of the program, students receive US high school science course credits and a certificate of completion.


  • Flexible and diverse curriculum

  • Exciting extracurricular and weekend activities

  • Fast integration into the American classroom through classes with peers from the US

  • First-hand experience of life at a TOP private/boarding school

  • Exposure to American home life with a host family (depending on program)

  • Visits to Ivy League Universities

  • Trips to vibrant American cities 



  • 2019 Ivy Century Group Boarding School STEM Summer School

  • 2019 Ivy Century Group Private Secondary School Camp

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