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Summer and Winter Student Experience

Ivy Century Group's Summer and Winter Student Experience allows up-close exposure to and familiarization with student life in the US. Chinese students have the opportunity to study at a private high school with their American peers--taking classes taught in English, exploring life on campus and immersing themselves in American culture.

Students will be matched to an American host family, with whom they will stay with for the duration of the program. Our families provide loving and safe environments for students to gain an in-depth understanding of US lifestyles and develop their independent living, interpersonal and communication skills. 


While studying in the US, students will also be paired with a private American English teacher. Ivy Century Group's teacher will arrange daily English tutoring sessions after school, helping students integrate into the US classroom and learning environment. Additionally, each student will work with a Ivy Century Group senior consultant to develop a personalized study plan tailored to their strengths and interests.


Outside of their studies, students will have the opportunity to explore highlights of the US east coast and learn about the history, politics, economy and culture of this young country. This includes visiting Ivy League schools (University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University), traveling to the historical and cultural hub of Philadelphia, seeing the birthplace of the US Constitution and exploring the economic capital of the US: New York City. 


Upcoming Student Experiences:

  • 2019 Ivy Century Group Primary and Secondary School Winter Experience

  • 2019 Ivy Century Group East Coast University STEAM Summer Program 

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