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Transfer Student Advising

We help undergraduate and graduate students transfer to their target university; whether their reason for transfer is changing their major or program of interest, wanting a more prestigious degree, or others.

Student Evaluation & Strategy

  • Discuss and evaluate student’s goals and interests

  • Formulate admission plan based on student's strengths and experiences


School Selection

  •  Compile a list of target schools to which the student will apply for transfer


Essay Advising

  •  Brainstorm content based on school specific essay requirements

  •  Review essay drafts


Application Review

  •  Help the student highlight their strengths

  •  Review applications and ensure deadlines are met


Letters of Recommendation

  •  Decide who to ask for recommendations

  •  Learn how to approach recommenders for the best results


Interview Preparation

  • Practice interview questions and formulate best responses

  • Review interview etiquette


Wait List / Deferral

  •  Formulate acceptance strategies for wait list/deferral

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