Undergraduate Advising

Our Undergraduate Admission Plan guides students in 9th -12th grade through the stressful college application process. Personal advisors work closely with students to gain acceptance to their dream schools.

High School Strategy & Advising

  • Create a detailed plan for high school coursework

  • Evaluate and refine course selections


Extracurricular and Academic Interest Refinement

  • Help students apply their extracurricular and academic interests in novel ways, so as to deepen their experiences and highlight their strengths

  • Create opportunities for the student based on interests and skills


College Selection

  •  Work closely with student to develop a college list

  •  Identify and schedule colleges to visit


Essay Advising

  •  Brainstorm ideas and develop content based on common application and school specific essay requirements

  •  Review essay drafts


Application Review

  •  Help the student highlight strengths

  •  Review applications and ensure deadlines are met


Letters of Recommendation

  •  Decide who to ask for recommendations

  •  Learn how to approach teachers for the best results


Interview Preparation

  • Practice interview questions and formulate best responses

  • Review interview etiquette



  •  Develop a standardized testing schedule

  •  Explore test preparation strategies/classes


Summer Experiences

  •  Provide opportunities to maximize summer plans


Exploration of Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Discuss financial goals and how to achieve them

  • Provide comprehensive scholarship listings


Wait List / Deferral

  •  Formulate acceptance strategies for wait list/deferral